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BMX Media Blurbs
“One BMX Film you need to see!” –

“Straight up raw BMX, non-stop fun!” –

“Brave, bold and funny as fuck.” –

“Legendary BMX pranksters.” – Ride BMX Magazine

BMX filmmakers
Push It to 11 is a must watch for every BMXer. It’s the very definition of what makes BMX so great. It’s equal parts fun, friendship, mischief and progression.” – Stew Johnson

“Seeing the story a group of friends’ bizarre brainchild permeated past the bmx industry and into the mainstream consciousness (via Jerry Springer) is amazing and inspiring. That should be every crew’s goal.” – Charlie Crumlish

“There’s a special moment when you know you’ve captured something that will change the outlook of a culture. Push It to 11 encompasses a decade of personalities, riding and all around awesomeness that forever changed BMX.” – Terrell Gordy

“I couldn’t stop laughing or shaking my head at wild moves, so rad to hear all the stories and see the footage too! Made me wanna go ride my bike and get wild instantly.” – Christian Rigal

Riders and friends
“BMX got a pretty important history lesson on awesomeness and absurdity, I loved the Baco time machine I got a ride in while watching this documentary!” – Steve Crandall/FBM

“Amazing, so many characters & memories, it’s just too good. BMX needs more Baco in its life.” – John Povah/Sole Technology

“The best BMX documentary ever produced. Fucking loved it!” – Ian Morris/United Bike Co

“Hysterical antics, insight from some of the most legendary riders ever, and full of original riding that’s never been recreated or matched by today’s standards.” – Tim Knoll

“A mesmerizing trip back in time, defining the bmx lifestyle of a generation and defying all the rules. Music to live your life by.” – Kevin Delforge

“Seriously fucking amazing!” – Chase Hawk/Cult

“Baco basically opened my eyes to what BMX was all about: having fun on and off your bike. This documentary perfectly displays the best of both worlds.” – Brian Kachinsky/DK

“Ground breaking riding by groundbreaking riders within absolute zero affinity for being serious. This documentary epitomizes the essence of our bmx subculture. Get the box set and experience the progression of an important part of our bmx history (25 years in the making). All done with a giant laugh.” – Matt Coplon/Profile

“Diabolical before haters existed.” – Rodeo Peanut

“I haven’t smiled or laughed so much in a long time.” – Pat Schoolen/Flatland Fuel

“A must have for any rider who knows or has watched any Baco production.” – Howard Avery

“Shit was epic.” – Robbie Morales/Cult

“If you consider BMX your lifestyle and more than just a sport, then you need to know your roots and your history. Take it from a BMXer and a history teacher, Push It to 11 is the most enjoyable history lesson you will ever get.” – Mike Hinkens/Madera

Push It to 11 made me remember what BMX is all about. It made me realize why I looked up to the people of Baco. Badassery.” – Aaron Bostrom

“Was awesome to hear the whole story of how Baco came about after watching the vids for so long.” – Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan

“Fucking bad ass!!! Really well done!!” – Greg Potter

“Cheers to the old school. And cheers to having balls. Thanks for all that you have contributed to make the BMX lifestyle so fucking fun.” – Yella

iTunes Reviews
“Best bmx documentary to date! Reminded me of what bmx is all about.” – Ken63rider

“A must watch. The clips, the story, the music and the guys behind the elusive BACO. Huge thanks for making this and what you’ve done for the landscape.” – Jeremy43

“What an amazing piece of bmx history.” – Killahcreep

“What bmx is all about! Fun and friends.” – chrisfyb

“The influence of this group has touched nearly every rider involved in the BMX scene whether they consciously understand it or not.” – thekevinferney

Google Play Reviews
“Simply amazing! 10 stars! An epic, fun history lesson about BMX legends…a stunning achievement. BMX is rarely ever graced with documentaries, much less one as awesome as this one!” – A Google User (unknown)

“BACO The best ever to do it, doing it the best they’ve ever done. If you have ever called yourself a BMXer, you need to own this.” – Scott Hainstock

“The BEST Bmx vid. Brings back the best days of my life… It’s a must have!!!” – Anthony MugOfBeer

Amazon Reviews
“Simply amazing. If you’re a BMXer you owe it to yourself to BUY this and to cherish it. I grew up riding thru the 80s to present, and this video brings back so many awesome memories. If you’re a younger rider, you really need to watch these videos and experience the amazing vibe that was BMX back in the 90s and early 00s. Thank you so much for making this.” – Lou B

Instagram comments
Push It to 11 is the greatest BMX documentary you will see. If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, do it!” – @unscenehistory

“If you ride Bmx you need to see the new @bacodesigns documentary Push It to 11 was as much fun to watch as the first Baco video a saw 20 years ago.” – @mikeescamilla

“Must watch and a masterpiece of BMX history!” – @kuntsformbmxshop

“…the BEST video compilation I’ve watched in years.” – @eliasbiker

“Seriously the best thing I’ve ever watched.” – @liddyross

“Do yourself a favor and order one of the best pieces of BMX history you could ever own.” – @chase_hawk

“If you ride bmx or have ever ridden…you need to see the new Baco video. Amazing riding and a real look at how bmx should be!” – @43buddha

Push It to 11 will change your life. This is one of the best bmx videos I have ever seen!” – @twobraketony

“These dudes influenced a whole generation of bmx riders…” – @lee_mejia_bmx

“Such an excellent piece of bmx history!!” – @gulyosis

“Finally watching the documentary about my friends lives and I can’t even get past the Photo Gallery in the menu! Soooo good!” – @aaronnardi

“I can watch this a million times, great story and its really what BMX is all about.” – @aidwinagunbmx

“It’s absolutely an amazing watch!” – @4130_for_life

“This is a must see for any BMX rider.” – @thegullyfactory

“Kids. Do yourselves a favour. Watch this.” – @alonebmx

“BMX at it’s best.” – @philaller

“Awesome and hilarious!” – @localbmxshop

“If you don’t know much about Baco or a part of BMX history, you should not miss this.” – @neighborhoodbmx

“Really great how so many people are showing love for this wonderful piece of work.” – @footprints_in_the_spam

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